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Armchair Detectives

Fighting Corporate Wrongdoing, One Anonymous Tip off at a Time

In a world where corporate and private company misconduct can sometimes go unnoticed, silence can be complicity. At Armchair Detectives, we believe that transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct are fundamental pillars of a thriving society. That's why we've created a safe, anonymous platform where individuals like you can play an essential role in exposing wrongdoing.

Our mission is simple: to empower individuals to report illegal activities within corporations and private companies without fear of retaliation or exposure. We understand that coming forward with sensitive information can be daunting, but your commitment to justice should never come at a personal cost. With Armchair Detectives, your identity remains a closely guarded secret.

Why Choose Armchair Detectives?

Complete Anonymity: We employ state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to ensure your identity is never compromised. Your safety is our top priority.

Corporate Accountability: By reporting misconduct, you become a catalyst for positive change. Armchair Detectives helps bring the truth to light.

Ease of Use: Our platform is user-friendly, making it simple to submit your report securely and anonymously.

Supportive Community: Join a network of individuals dedicated to promoting ethics and integrity in the corporate world. Together, we make a difference.

Legal Protection: We work closely with legal experts to ensure that your rights are safeguarded throughout the process.

Armchair Detectives believes in the power of collective action. By working together, we can hold corporations and private companies accountable, foster a culture of transparency, and contribute to a better, more ethical business environment.


Join us today and be a silent hero for justice. Your voice matters, and with Armchair Detectives, it will be heard. Together, we make a difference one report at a time.

"Your Identity Hidden, Your Impact Powerful"

Complete Anonymity!

Ready to make a difference?


Reach out to Armchair Detectives today and take the first step towards exposing corporate misconduct while safeguarding your anonymity.


Whether you've witnessed wrongdoing within a corporation or a private company, your voice matters.

Our dedicated team is here to support you throughout the reporting process. Your confidentiality is our utmost priority, and we're committed to ensuring your safety while you shine a light on injustice.

Contact Armchair Detectives now and join our community of ethical whistleblowers.


Together, we can drive accountability and create a fairer, more transparent business landscape. Your courage can make a profound impact.


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"Unmasking Misconduct, One Anonymous Tip at a Time"

What We Uncover!

Armchair Detectives: Unmasking Global Counterfeit Operations

In an interconnected world where trade and commerce transcend borders, the illicit market for counterfeit goods, illicit tobacco sales, and fake currency production thrives. Criminal enterprises continually adapt and innovate, but so does the relentless pursuit of justice. Armchair Detectives, an organization committed to exposing wrongdoing through anonymous tips, has been at the forefront of combating these illicit activities on a global scale.

The Battle Against Counterfeit Goods

Through diligent investigations, Armchair Detectives has helped identify and shut down counterfeit production operations in multiple countries. Their work has not only protected consumers from substandard and potentially dangerous products but also safeguarded the intellectual property rights of legitimate brands.

Tobacco Trafficking Unveiled

From uncovering hidden warehouses in the UK to tracing illicit shipments in Hong Kong, Armchair Detectives has contributed significantly to curbing the illegal tobacco trade. Their work serves as a deterrent to those engaged in this illicit activity, ensuring that governments collect the necessary taxes and citizens remain safe from unregulated tobacco products.

Battling the Counterfeit Currency Menace

Whether it's dismantling counterfeit currency operations in China or assisting authorities in the United States with tracking down counterfeiters, Armchair Detectives leaves no stone unturned in their quest to eliminate this threat.


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Where Vigilance Meets Anonymity -

Cases Reported to Armchair Detectives

Operation Insider Betrayal: An anonymous whistleblower reveals an employee within a major technology company leaking confidential product designs to a competitor.

The Toxic Cover-Up: A concerned worker exposes a manufacturing plant for secretly disposing of hazardous waste materials that threaten the local environment.


Banking Scandal Unveiled: An insider leaks documents exposing fraudulent practices within a prominent financial institution, involving embezzlement and insider trading.

Corporate Espionage: An anonymous source reports a case of corporate espionage where a rival company is infiltrating a competitor's research and development department.

Pharmaceutical Misconduct: Someone within a pharmaceutical company exposes the manipulation of drug trial results to get potentially harmful medications to market faster.

The Charity Conundrum: An employee from a well-known charity organization reports financial impropriety and embezzlement by high-ranking officials.


School District Corruption: An insider reveals a widespread bribery and corruption scandal involving contracts awarded within a local school district.

Environmental Violations: An anonymous tip-off leads to the discovery of an industrial plant polluting a nearby river with hazardous chemicals.

Political Campaign Scandal: A whistleblower exposes illicit campaign financing and coordination between a political campaign and a foreign entity.

Insurance Fraud Ring: An insider within an insurance company unveils a complex fraud scheme involving fake claims, staged accidents, and complicit employees.


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